Experiential online entrepreneurship program for Year 7 and 8 students, with facilitation and coaching from your educators, designed to build essential skills for future career and life.

The Futurepreneurs Academy suite has up to 15 levels that augment the year 7 – 11 formal curriculum. Building the mindset and skillset students need to be more adaptable, employable and productive in the future. 

Take Your Students on an Epic Entrepreneur Adventure

We understand that educational needs vary according to different stages of development, which is why Futurepreneurs Academy offers two distinct programs.

For Years 7 and 8 students, we have meticulously crafted a curriculum spanning ten progressive levels. As students advance through these stages, they are introduced to foundational entrepreneurial concepts.

For those in Years 9 to 11 seeking to deepen their entrepreneurial knowledge and build upon the principles acquired in earlier years, Futurepreneurs Academy X offers a more advanced curriculum. This program encompasses fifteen comprehensive levels, offering an enriched and nuanced exploration of entrepreneurship.

Our programs are designed to cater to the evolving educational requirements of young minds and to provide a structured pathway for nurturing their entrepreneurial mindset and skillset. 

Level 1

Entrepreneur Life

Level 2

Start-Up Bootcamp

Level 3

Find Your Problem to Solve

Level 4

Come Up with Your Start-Up Idea

Level 5

Profile Your Target Customer

Level 6

Design Your Awesome Product

Level 7

Create Your Product Prototype

Level 8

Get Feedback on Your Prototype

Level 9

Make Your Start-Up Stand-Out

Level 10

Showcase Your Start-Up

How will the program work in my school?

Futurepreneurs Academy is designed to be student-led, ideally with a minimum of 1-hour per week face-to-face facilitation by educators. The program is a flexible project-based learning resource for crosscurricular implementation, or to augment a specific subject area. No entrepreneur or business experience is required – we provide comprehensive teaching and learning resources to support easy implementation and student engagement. The teaching and learning resources are hosted securely on the e- Learning platform OpenLearning.

Share the power to Think, Act and Create like entrepreneurs with your students!

Engaging, Project-Based Learning

Futurepreneurs Academy has been developed through consultation and collaboration between entrepreneurs, educators, curriculum advisors and other ecosystem partners.

The program is designed to be a flexible, cross curricula resource delivered in the classroom, with integrated online modules incorporating the following Learning Principles:

Entrepreneur Magic

Ignite young people’s imagination and empower them to take risks.

Rigorous Pedagogy

Align with and augment formal curriculum.

Real-World Learning

Contextual, engaging and relevant learning experiences.

Exciting Pathways

Expose young people to a road less travelled and open their minds to new opportunities

Conscious Inclusivity

Make entrepreneurship accessible and engaging to all young people.