About us

Entropolis enables young people to build practical, transferrable skills for their future by teaching them to think, act and create like entrepreneurs


We do more than produce the next generation of start-up founders…

Our goal is to engage as many young people as possible to become future entrepreneurial thinkers, creators and leaders.

Entropolis’ curriculum-aligned* entrepreneurship programs and co-developed higher-level learning experiences help students build an agile mindset and 21st-century workforce skills, including: 

  • Innovation capacity 
  • Problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking 
  • Commercial acumen and enterprise skills 
  • Effective communication (marketing, pitching and selling) 
  • Financial literacy 
  • Digital competency 
  • Personal and social responsibility 
  • Collaboration, teamwork and other interpersonal skills 
  • Decision-making and leadership 
  • Self-determination, adaptability and resilience 


Meet the Team

CEO and Founder

A recognised leader in youth entrepreneurship and building skills for the future through entrepreneurship education and higher-level learning experiences in primary through high school.

Inspired by the rich entrepreneurial and education expertise of my network and leveraging my own 30 years of global corporate and start-up experience, my mission is empowering the next generation to become more adaptable, employable, productive and competitive by exposing them to entrepreneurship and building practical, transferrable 21st Century mindset and skills while still at school.

My youth entrepreneurship journey started in 2010, when I co-founded Club Kidpreneur. We engaged passionate entrepreneur volunteers, early adopter schools and dedicated educators to share the ‘real’ entrepreneurial experience in classrooms and as an extra-curricular activity.

Recognising the emerging need to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit broadly in young people and augment their formal studies with an agile mindset and 21st Century skills, in 2016 I launched our flagship Kidpreneur Challenge, Australia’s longest running curriculum-aligned primary school program. The program has been delivered by educators in more than 1,200 Australian classrooms and across APAC including New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Papua New Guinea.

In 2018 I was an invited delegate to the official launch of the UN Youth 2030 Strategy at a United Nations General Assembly high-level event in New York. The UN Secretary General’s powerful comments ignited my commitment to making entrepreneurship education and training accessible to as many young people as possible globally, regardless of who they are and where they come from.

From that experience Entropolis was born with the vision of enabling 1 million school-aged children globally by 2030 to start building successful futures through entrepreneurship.

Recognising there is no one-size fits all solution, our goal is to make entrepreneurship education as accessible as possible by working directly with young people and alongside schools, educators and education providers to co-create contextual, staged education pathways and real-world experiences to explicitly build the critical skills young people need for economic empowerment and to navigate their future work and life.

Heather MacDonald
Head of Education

Experience and Expertise: Heather has been designing entrepreneurial thinking programs among primary and secondary school students, for 10 years. This commitment stems from recognising the necessity of fostering agility, critical and creative problem-solving, self-directed learning, and resourceful citizenship for future workforce success. Her approach involves collaborative program design, attentive listening, and an entrepreneurial mindset that explores all possibilities. By working closely with diverse communities and tailoring education, Heather empowers students to become active learners and innovators, in Australia and internationally.
Qualifications and Awards
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Certificate in Training and Assessment
  • Graduate Certificate in Event Management, Event Planning, Communications and Operations

Lisa Newland
Manager: Education Projects

Experience and Expertise: Lisa has been teaching Business and Economics for 11 years in secondary schools. Throughout her career, she has seamlessly integrated entrepreneurial principles by orchestrating experiential learning opportunities, such as coordinating movie nights and spearheading fundraisers benefiting both the school and charitable causes. Her approach to education is rooted in real-world applications, ensuring students grasp both theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for future success.
  • Certificate in Training and Assessment
  • Diploma of Early Childhood Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Business (Business and ICT)
  • Master of Educational Leadership
  • Master of Contemporary Literacies

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“There are many who believe entrepreneurship is an inborn trait that can’t be taught. This is simply not true. As with all skills, from math to music, learning to be entrepreneurial builds upon inborn traits.”

- Tina Seelig