Building Pathways to a Successful Future Through Entrepreneurship Education

Partnering with the Education Sector to Produce the Next Generation of Entrepreneurial Thinkers, Creators and Leaders.

Working with schools, educators and students since 2016, our mission is to empower young people, regardless of who they are and where they come from, to build practical, transferrable skills for the future by teaching them to think, act and create like entrepreneurs.

What We Do

We offer online curriculum-aligned entrepreneurship programs and co-created learning experiences for upper primary and secondary school students to develop innovation capacity, an agile mindset and 21st-century skills, including opportunity identification, creative problem solving, critical and design thinking, pitching ideas, initiation and collaboration.

How We Work with Schools

To support schools in embedding entrepreneurship-based learning, building innovation culture and educator’s capacity and confidence to deliver programs, our team of experienced educators offer professional education services, including:

  • Strategic advice
  • Bespoke curriculum development
  • Professional learning
  • Lesson planning
  • Assessment of learning
  • Implementation support

Core Entrepreneurship Programs and Learning Pathway

Recognising that deeper learning occurs when students apply concepts in their real-world context, we’ve worked with our network of experienced entrepreneurs, learning experts and other education partners to design three modular entrepreneurship programs staged across Years 5 – 11.

Engaging, Project-Based Learning

Our programs have been developed through consultation and collaboration among entrepreneurs, educators, curriculum advisors and other ecosystem partners. They are designed to be flexible, cross-curricula resources facilitated/coached in the classroom, with integrated online modules incorporating the following Learning Principles: 

Entrepreneur Magic

Ignite young people’s imagination and empower them to take risks.

Rigorous Pedagogy

Align with and augment formal curriculum.

Real-World Learning

Contextual, engaging and relevant learning experiences.

Exciting Pathways

Expose young people to a road less travelled and open their minds to new opportunities.

Conscious Inclusivity

Make entrepreneurship accessible and engaging to all young people.