Building Pathways to a Successful Future Through Powerful Entrepreneurship Education and Real-World Learning Experiences

Working with schools, educators and students since 2016, our mission is to inspire and empower young people, regardless of who they are and where they come from, to build practical, transferrable skills for the future by teaching them to think, act and create like entrepreneurs.

What We Do

We offer entrepreneurship education programs and real-world learning experiences for students to develop innovation capacity, an agile mindset and 21st-Century skills, including opportunity identification, creative problem solving, critical and design thinking, collaboration and pitching ideas.


10 - 18 Years - Start-Up Your Future with the Power of Entrepreneurship Experiential Learning.

Start-Up Your Future with and Epic Entrepreneur Adventure!

Online entrepreneurship courses and real-world experiences where learners develop innovation capacity, an agile mindset and important future work and life skills.

10 - 12 Years
13+ Years


Inspire and Nurture the Innovative Thinkers, Creators and Leaders of the Future from Primary through Secondary.

Teach Your Students to Think, Create and Act Like Entrepreneurs

We have programs that cater to different levels of education - primary, secondary, and professional development.


Professional Development


FuturepreneursX Climate Global Pitch Challenge for Secondary School Students years 7 - 12.

FuturepreneursXClimate Global Pitch Challenge

Fostering an engaged, collaborative and innovative global movement of future entrepreneurs, working on innovative solutions to local and global climate challenges. (Years 7– 12).
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Enabling Young People to be More Adaptable, Employable and Productive in the Future.

Adaptable, Employable, Productive... Futureproof

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Engaging young people to build their innovation capacity, an agile mindset and valuable skills for future work and life

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The skills they gain through entrepreneurship are critical for the organisations they will join in the future and for society at large. Most important, entrepreneurship education empowers young people to see the world as opportunity rich, and to craft the lives they dream to live.”

- Tina Seelig