Your Future

Engaging, Entrepreneurship Project-Based Learning
Experience for Primary Years 5 and 6 Students

Gamified online start-up business missions with interactive,
team-based learning facilitated in the classroom.

Take Your Students on an Epic Entrepreneur Adventure

Inspire your students to learn core entrepreneurial concepts and processes while working in teams on the first stages of building their own start-up businesses.

You’ll lead students through 10 levels with exciting, gamified start-up missions and challenges. You’ll coach them to identify problems, gaps and opportunities in their school, community or the world and think creatively to develop new ideas and design innovative product solutions.

Your students think, act and create like real start-up founders, collaborating with their classmates, coming up with ideas and pitching for input to take them further in their start-up journey.

Level 1

Kidpreneur Bootcamp

Level 2

Build Your Awesome Business Team

Level 3

Find a Real World Problem to Solve

Level 4

Who are you Solving the Problem For?

Level 5

Come up with great Problem Ideas

Level 6

Build Your Design Prototype

Level 7

Test Your Prototype

Level 8

How Will Your Business Make Money?

Level 9

Make Your Business Stand Out!

Level 10

Attract Customers to Sell Your Products

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Learning Outcomes

Entrepreneur Magic

Ignite young people’s imagination and empower them to take risks.

Rigorous Pedagogy

Align with and augment formal curriculum.

Real-World Learning

Contextual, engaging and relevant learning experiences.

Exciting Pathways

Expose young people to a road less travelled and open their minds to new opportunities

Conscious Inclusivity

Make entrepreneurship accessible and engaging to all young people.