Building Pathways to a Successful Future Through Entrepreneurship Education

Empowering Educators Through Self-Paced Professional Development

In our evolving educational landscape, impactful and continuous professional development is crucial. Through our online program, educators will be empowered to guide students through the fundamental principles of thinking, acting, and creating like entrepreneurs. This professional learning will:

Focus on critical and creative thinking skills, which, when taught, enable students to be more effective in their approach to complex problem-solving.
Develop students' inner ‘game’ with a sense of purpose, confidence, resourcefulness and determination.
Develop the educator as a confident facilitator in modelling the learning.

Agentcy provides a comprehensive pedagogical exploration that integrates entrepreneurship within the context of Australia’s educational paradigm. This curriculum has been formulated to cultivate an entrepreneurial disposition in educators and learners, equipping them with the tools and perspectives for promoting innovation and facilitating meaningful connections between educational institutions and their surrounding communities.

Module 1

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Understand entrepreneurship and its role in modern education.

Educator and Student Learning

Review the approaches educators and students journey in entrepreneurial education.

Creating Purpose

Identify opportunities for problem-solving and connect schools with councils, Government, and community groups.

Curriculum Integration

Implement the entrepreneurial mindset in the Australian National Curriculum V9 and NSW Syllabus for Grades 5 – 11.

Online Learning Platform

Learn to use the online platform effectively.

Module 2

Entrepreneurial Framework

Understand how to provide students with a structure to be agile learners.

Building Capacity and Capabilities

Understand key concepts for student and educator empowerment.

From Kidpreneurs to Futurepreneurs

Understanding the program offerings for different experience levels.

Program Overview

An overview of content and goals.

Module 3

Monitoring Entrepreneurial Growth

Methods to track and report entrepreneurial skills.

Entrepreneurial Culture

Develop an entrepreneurial environment in schools and communities.

Reimagining Education

Consider new approaches to education with an entrepreneurial focus.

Collegial Check-in

Termly check-ins over a year for progress and teamwork.

Share the power to Think, Act and Create like entrepreneurs with your students!

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