Start-Up Your Future
Gamified Online Entrepreneur Start-Up Experiences
for 13 – 18 Year Olds

Epic Online Start-Up Quests with Real-World Outcomes

You’ll work on exciting, real-world simulated challenges and quests to build your very own start-up business, expand your mind and level up your skills for the future.

Entrepreneurship Will Rock Your Future

Entrepreneurs are exciting big brain thinkers, creative problem solvers and inspiring leaders. They create great new things that can change the world and show us what’s possible in the future.

Thinking, acting and creating like entrepreneurs will help expand your mind and add valuable knowledge and skills, on top of what you’re already learning at school, that can help you be more adaptable, employable and productive.

Entrepreneurship is for Everyone

Entrepreneurship is about building the confidence to take steps into the unknown, flexing your imagination, driving towards creative solutions to the problems you see around you, and then finding ways to reach a lot of people to positively impact their lives.

Anyone can be ‘entrepreneurial’ – It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or how good you are academically. Even if you’re not sure you’ll ever start your own business, you’ll still get a lot of new capabilities to apply to whatever you decide to do in the future.

Powerful Skills Built Through Entrepreneurship

With its experiential learning framework, gamified knowledge-building activities and simulated start-up challenges, Futurepreneurs is an interactive way to explore challenges and opportunities, expand your mind and train new skills and abilities that will be useful in your future work and life.