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Futurepreneurs Academy X 2024



Online Experiential Entrepreneurship Course Ideal for learners 13 – 15 years

  • 15-levels with gamified knowledge building and start-up challenges
  • 60-90 minutes per level
  • Up to 12 months for course completion
  • Some exposure to entrepreneurship or experience recommended

Build and launch your own start-up … 

  • You’ll work on building and launching a start-up business
  • Following a simulated start-up build process you’ll work through a series of knowledge briefings and gamified challenges
  • Come up with a start-up idea and produce a detailed prototype of a physical product, service or app that solves a real-world problem you’ve identified in your community or the world.
  • Create a business model and plan for launching your start-up
  • Along the way you’ll build your entrepreneurial mindset and start to master important skills for the future including, creative problem solving, design thinking, product design, market research and pitching skills.

Course Overview

Level 1

FutureUnicorn App – Benchmark students’ entrepreneurial attitudes, motivations and strengths against the world’s best founders.

Level 2

Innovations that Matter – Mini-research project for students to identify an innovative solution to a problem that is meaningful to them. It could be themed at the school’s discretion.

Level 3

Identify a Problem

Stream 1 – Same content as Futurepreneurs Academy for students who have not done the program to build foundation mindset & skills

Stream 2 – Re-Cap Condensed content and activities designed for students who’ve done Futurepreneurs Ignite to re-cap and build on core skills.

FutureWork | FutureLife – both Lvl 3-9 and 10 – 15 streams will explicitly link entrepreneurial skills and work/life skills,

Level 4

Come Up with Brilliant Ideas

Level 5

Market Research – Competitors, Trends, Target Customers

Level 6

Design a Product Solution

Level 7

Create a Product Prototype

Level 8

Test Your Prototype

Level 9

Make Your Start-Up Stand-Out

Level 10

Business Model Blueprint I

Level 11

Business Model Blueprint II

Level 12

Financials and Start-Up Budget

Level 13

Launch Plan – Sales and Marketing

Level 14

Launch Communications

Level 15

Pitch for Start-Up Capital


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