Think, Act, Create Like Entrepreneurs
Epic Entrepreneur Adventure with
Real-World Outcomes for 10 – 12 year olds

Your Mission is to Build an Awesome Business and Level Up Your Entrepreneur Superpowers for the Future!


Entrepreneurship Will Rock Your Future 

Entrepreneurs are exciting big brain thinkers, creative problem solvers and inspiring leaders. They create great new things that can change the world and show us what’s possible, so we can all learn a lot from them. 

Thinking, acting and creating like entrepreneurs will expand your mind and add important knowledge and skills on top of what you’re already learning at school. 

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Entrepreneurship is for Everyone

Anyone can think and act like an entrepreneur – It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or how good you are at school!  

Even if you’re not sure if you’ll start your own business one day, Kidpreneur Ninjas is a great way to explore your options and train up new skills and abilities like: 

  • Finding new challenges, gaps and opportunities in the world around you 
  • Solving problems for other people and helping them have a better life 
  • Using Design Thinking to come up with brilliant business and product ideas 
  • Designing a cool brand identity  
  • Pitching your ideas 
  • Leveling up your confidence and growth mindset. 
  • Applying your entrepreneur superpowers to teamwork 
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Let’s GO! Gamers

Kidpreneur Ninjas is a fun, interactive way to learn about entrepreneurship and building a start-up business online.  

There are lots of cool challenges and games to level up your entrepreneur knowledge, mindset and skills and Ninja Kitty Sensei and her squad of awesome Kidpreneur Ninjas will be there every step of the way. 

Meet the Kidpreneur Ninjas!

The Ninja Team are here to help you learn all about entrepreneurship and innovation. Think of them as your start-up guides and cheer squad as you power through your start-up challenges on your way to launching an awesome business

Ninja Kitty Sensei

I support you by providing key learning in my emails and video messages.

Chief Executive Ninja

I'm the team leader. I come up with ideas and goals for the business.

Sales and Marketing Ninja

I help our business make money by telling as people about how great they are.

Product Design Ninja

We use our imagination and artistic skills to make our products beautiful.

Product Design Ninja

We use our imagination and artistic skills to make our products beautiful.

Chief Financial Ninja

I keep track of the money coming in and going out of the business.